The Blitz

A shiver ran down my spine as the sirens began to wail throughout the city. We all knew what was coming. Everything happened so quickly, I grabbed as much as I could carry, a notebook, some food, and toys for the baby and made for the tube station with my two kids. I shot a quick final glance at my street, just hoping it will still exist in the morning. The sky was no longer pitch black, but glowing as the searchlights patrolled the skies. London had been very much alive just moments ago, now the sirens died and there was silence, every soul held their breath.

This kind of behaviour had become habitual by now, everyone on the street was quiet, we all knew we had a good amount of time before they came. Not this time though, this time it was different. This time they came quickly and more fiercely, the buzzing of planes could be heard and then suddenly they came into sight, chaos erupted and the silence was shattered by bombs exploding across the city and anti-aircraft guns firing back. The sky was lit up like day while the city was set ablaze.

I ran, we all ran, and just hoped we don’t get caught in the crossfire. Like thunder bombs exploded around us, buildings crashed before my feet, and people died. Even when we reached the tube we were not safe. We all feared a water main might be hit and we would all be flooded, if that would not kill us then the overcrowding sure will we thought. The platform was swarming with people, everyone one wore a grim face, worried murmurs, the occasional cry of a baby and the echo of bombs from the streets were the only sounds I could hear.

Once the skies were clear and the sound of the cracking of anti-aircraft guns had stopped we emerged and thanked god. Now the fire brigades sirens cried loudly through London, brave firemen tackled fires across the city while others rushed to help, the night was not yet over.


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